The diverse backgrounds of our team members enable us to bring a creative, intelligent mindset to meeting the needs of the organizations we represent. These backgrounds include brokerage, consulting, development, construction, law, finance and corporate real estate. Serten’s team is comprised of seasoned professionals, highly-skilled in managing large transactions and in representing major companies throughout the U.S. Our collective experience results in consistent high-level service, reporting, deliverables and answers for our clients. Our team’s approach to real estate results in a more efficient use of capital and more flexible transactions.

Steven Hubberman
Steve is a Founding Partner of Serten Advisors. “We saw the industry changing with a desire by the large national real estate firms to drive their own revenues through cross selling and multiple service lines rather than a focus on servicing the clients’ unique needs without bias or conflict...” [...]
Paul Schweitzer
Paul is a Founding Partner of Serten Advisors, having served as a strategic business advisor to occupiers of space since entering the tenant representation field in 1982. “Starting the firm was driven by my desire to create a nimble, adaptable and collaborative advisory firm that was better able to address the unique requirements of a diverse client base…” [...]
Adam Schindler
Adam Schindler is a Partner and Senior Vice President of Serten Advisors. “Every client is a client of the firm – we utilize any and all resources available to strategically advise our clients. What differentiates us is our service delivery model of senior tenant advisors and our passion for aligning the strategic goals of an organization with a real estate solution that best fits their needs.” [...]
David Kaizer
David Kaizer is a Partner and Senior Vice President of Serten Advisors. “The real estate industry has changed drastically since I began my career… What differentiates Serten and personally drives me, is finding the creative, forward thinking solutions that surpass expectations.” [...]
David Scheinberg
David is a Senior Vice President at Serten Advisors. “I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Serten team. Our culture is based upon collaboration and trust. We take such pride in our client relationships and to be able to eliminate the typical broker model of keeping information close to the vest is an asset not every shop can provide…” [...]
Robert Kulik
Rob Kulik is a Senior Vice President with Serten Advisors whose focus is serving tenants in downtown Washington, D.C. “As a former tax consultant with a Big 4 accounting firm, where exceptional client service is paramount, I needed to be with a real estate firm that has that same ‘client-first’ mindset – and I found that with Serten Advisors. [...]
Kathy G. Lesiuk
Kathy is a Vice President at Serten Advisors. “Information is power. The Serten Advisors team knows the market trends and brings with them strong and efficient negotiating power… We add instant expertise to your deal team. Our clients appreciate having a strong seasoned team with years of experience to guide them through the complexities of a real estate transaction.” [...]
Curtis Wilson
Curtis Wilson is a Senior Associate with Serten Advisors. The phrase “Do today what others won't, so tomorrow you can do what others can't” is a mindset that attracted me to Serten. The brokerage landscape has drastically changed. Serten is not a traditional brokerage firm.... [...]
Neville Brodie
Neville Brodie is an associate at Serten Advisors. “I am very excited to begin my professional career with Serten Advisors…Winston Churchill once said, ‘A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty...’” [...]
Connor Stewart
Connor Stewart is an Associate at Serten Advisors. “I am very excited to transition into the commercial real estate industry with Serten Advisors. The expectations are high, but I am confident that the skills I developed during my time in banking will help me be successful in my client service role.” Albert Einstein once... [...]
Alex Hoar
Alex Hoar is a project manager with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Alex has worked on a wide range of commercial projects including associations, non-profit and landlord specific jobs. Utilizing his degree in business management, Alex ensures the client stays on schedule and under budget throughout by implementing a series of quality control driven processes… [...]
Jennifer Olson
Jennifer is the Director of Project Management Services. “I’ve worked with all types of clients ranging from corporations to associations to law firms to government agencies…I know how to guide clients through the complexities of the project beginning with the overall strategic objectives through forming strong teams to delivering a finished space. [...]
Hank Termaine
Mr. Tremaine has over 23 years experience in the real estate consulting industry managing and conducting a variety of value-added services for corporate clients including lease audits, lease transaction oversight and management, building energy/utility audits, portfolio optimization, and tenant-landlord dispute resolution. [...]
Maribeth Colberg
Maribeth is the Director of Administration at Serten Advisors. “When Steve Hubberman first called me about joining the firm, I was looking for a new challenge. The opportunity to be in at the start of this new venture was most appealing. I have really enjoyed helping to build this company with these great people. [...]
Henry White
Henry White is a Strategic Consultant for Serten Advisors. “What attracted me to Serten Advisors is that Serten is not a brokerage firm, it is a Consulting Advisor who offers brokerage services. Serten’s unique offering provides services solely to occupiers of space and provides teams with vast experience working ‘on the inside’ of corporate real estate organizations..." [...]