At Serten Advisors, our market knowledge combined with specialty expertise and detailed analysis unlocks opportunities that support the business goals of each of our clients.

Knowledge is power. It is one of the most important components in the transaction accountability and implementation process. Research and information establish a solid foundation for an informed decision. Serten’s view of strategic research is a critical component of the firm’s philosophy and is a necessary component to any assignment. The knowledge that is provided to our clients lays the groundwork for the innovative solutions that we deliver to users of space. Combined with a forward-looking user perspective, Serten Advisors offers intelligent problem solving that is not based on sheer guesswork.

Primary local, national and international market knowledge is indispensable in providing actionable advice to any tenant’s decision making process. From this market intelligence, we provide analysis of real estate trends and forecasts, tactical and strategic investment analysis, demographic analysis, building or project specific feasibility analysis and peer group studies in support of our client’s business activities. Occupancy decisions require timely, accurate data on availabilities, rental growth and decline as well as concessions that enable tenants to strike the most effective deal in any given market. Tenants need to know the future direction of the market in order to plan their growth strategies. Our research has the ability to forecast models with solid expertise to analyze current and future conditions in order to provide the kind of solid advice that Serten Advisors is known for and which our clients continue to expect.