Client Testimonials

Serten Advisors prides itself on consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients. Regardless of the size of the space, we strive not only to meet the requirements of the tenants but to build a relationship that lasts beyond the transaction. Here’s what our clients’ had to say.

“Serten has helped Montgomery Orthopaedics address our facility needs for at least the past 10 years. They are problem solvers and creative thinkers. They helped us deal with everything from bad building systems, water leaks and inadequate parking in our old building to finding the best location and space for our new clinical office. They understood the complex issues we face as a large orthopedic practice and found creative solutions for our relocation that made it easy for our doctors, staff and patients. Their tenacious negotiating with our new landlord helped us achieve significant financial concessions. The new office is up and running and we couldn’t be more pleased with Serten’s counsel and support”
Efrain Hernandez
Practice Administrator
Montgomery Orthopaedics
“What really set David [Kaizer of Serten Advisors] apart from most brokers I have dealt with was his keen understanding of the lease document and his ability to review it and provide creative and effective solutions to so many landlord favorable provisions…Particularly for myself and my client, experienced in commercial real estate leasing, but not in the D.C. market, David’s input and advice was invaluable.”
William Burns, J.D.
Hanft Fride, P.A.
"As a leasing attorney, I have had the opportunity to work with Serten Advisors on numerous occasions and have found them to be very professional, responsive, proactive on behalf of their clients and knowledgeable of the real estate industry. When our law firm started the process of looking for a new location, we went to Serten Advsors to represent us for all of these reasons. We were very happy with their involvement and the results."
Michael Faeber
McMillan Metro, P.C.
"Our brokers’ personalities just continue to fit with us really well. On top of that, they are always available, very responsive and thinking creatively about solutions and opportunities for us. They’ve really earned our trust and we continue to enjoy the relationship."
Brian Hendrix
Chief Operating Officer, Retired
United States Pharmacopeia
"We are a very large association that represents more than 580 small and rural telephone cooperatives and commercial companies, so we are very sensitive to cost issues. The team did an excellent job creating all of the support materials and financial models that helped our board make the right decisions."
Lisa Wangler
Vice President
National Telecommunications Cooperative Association
"As we celebrate the signing of the lease on our new office space and prepare to celebrate our upcoming move, it’s important to express AAMI’s gratitude for your service to our organization. These sentiments are sent on behalf of our entire organization and Board of Directors. Most simply, thank you. You have been an amazing leader, mentor, project manager, communicator and advocate for AAMI from beginning to end. Your skills in leasing have inspired confidence and trust throughout the process. And, your attitude of service has made it a pleasure to work with you, even during the predictable tough spots in the lease negotiations."
Mary Logan, JD, CAE
President, AAMI
"We hired this team because of their strong knowledge of the market and sophistication in handing complex real estate transactions. Finding the right site and structuring the right deal was critical for us. They did an exceptional job with helping us understand our options in order to make the right decision."
David Pordy
FMR Managing Shareholder
Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker
"Our relationship with Paul goes back to the early 1980s. We’ve been very pleased with our ongoing relationship. At the end of the day, we were looking for a brokerage team with a strong knowledge of the marketplace and the ability to offer us honest and unbiased advice. These are not brokers that close the transaction and then walk away. They really continue the business relationship even after the deal has closed. Since finalizing our transaction, our broker has assisted us with leads for real estate projects across the country, whether it’s selling land or securing additional office space. That’s been extremely valuable for us."
Michael Little
FMR Senior Vice President & CFO
Feld Entertainment
"Steve did an outstanding job for us searching, selecting and negotiating for a new leased office space that met all our requirements in a compressed timeframe. I recommend Steve without any reservations as a commercial real estate advisor. Professional, knowledgeable, dedicated and easy to work with."
Dick Blom
CorTechs, Inc.
“HMSHost looked to Serten Advisors to help us on a variety of challenges we faced. We found them to be a great partner in thinking strategically about the future of our business and what we needed to be thinking about going forward. Serten was involved in numerous initiatives for us including strategic planning, an operating expense review, workplace strategy formulation and advising on local and state level incentives. Paul (Schweitzer) and Steve (Hubberman) were thoughtful, effective and attentive and I would recommend them and their firm highly.”
Paul Mamalian
Executive Vice President & General Counsel
"I cannot begin to tell you how delighted I am with your recent negotiations with our landlords and for working with us to free up some of our obligations on our existing space – wonderful work and so much appreciated!"
Shirley Bloomfield
Chief Executive Officer
"Varia Systems was very pleased with the service we received from Serten Advisors. I can think of at least four areas where we received significant value that we could have not otherwise achieved on our own operating independently without a broker: 1. Customary Norms – for a company that only signs a lease every few years it is difficult to access contractual norms in any given market. Although we may feel like our requests are reasonable, if they are not normally included in to lease document in the target market they are probably not achievable. Serten Advisors gave us great advice in this area and allowed our negotiations to proceed efficiently and reduced the tenant/landlord “narrative” significantly. 2. Tenant Best Interest – often times in real estate transactions it is difficult to feel where the allegiance of the broker lies. Realizing financial commissions frequently emerges as the primary motivation in closing leases and tenant best interests take a back seat. We never felt for one moments that Serten was operating in any other manner than in our best interest. 3. Document Review – while I have reviewed hundreds of contractual documents throughout my career it always is a great time saver to have the document “scrubbed” and important sections highlighted. We appreciated Serten’s expertise in this area and it limited our legal expenses too. 4. Negotiations – Finally, we felt like Serten Advisors was fully in charge during negotiations and represented our views and needs properly and accurately. We truly felts like Serten was an extension of our company during our real estate lease cycle."
Jay Swearingen
VP Operations
Varia Systems